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About Us

Home + Dogs = Family

We are a family run business, supporting a rural community to make Dog Training accessible to all. 

Here at Little Nook we believe in positive Training for the family.

Over 20 years experience working with animals, qualified and fully insured. 


What we do

We are here to support you and your family.

Group classes

These are a 4 week basic training course which are at the same time each week.

The classes are little with a maximum of 4 dogs, ensuring that each family gets plenty of support.

Courses available:

  • Under 16 weeks old
  • Under 16 months old
  • Under 8 years old
  • Over 8 years old

Individual support sessions

Individually tailored support aimed at working on specific areas of training.

The duration of each session is 45 minutes.

These sessions are ideal for families that do not require a full course or want to work on a particular aspect of training.



Workshops are on different topics  organised throughout the year. 

They are "little" so spaces are limited!


Training walks

Offer additional support to families with busy schedules or dogs that require a little extra guidance.


Training walks are ideal for:

  • Lead walking
  • Recall
  • Road safety


Coming soon!

Talks on doggy subjects to interest dog lovers!



Birthday parties 

Celebrate a birthday with family!

This special event is for 2 hours (Maximum 6 dogs and 12 humans).


  • Fun training
  • Tea and cupcakes
  • Craft activities

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